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Living in Brooklyn: Top Things You Need to Know About Bensonhurst

Stop & Stor December 5, 2016 Storage

Living in Brooklyn: Top Things You Need to Know About Bensonhurst

Bensonhurst, in southwest Brooklyn, New York City, is a neighborhood with Italian and Jewish roots.
It’s named for Arthur Benson, a president of Brooklyn Gas in the 1830’s. The area at the time attracted an Italian and Jewish population, which gradually became mostly Italian, leading to the “Little Italy” reputation. By the 1990’s, the area drew immigrants from China, Russia, Ukraine, and Armenia, beginning the diversity seen today. The aging Italian-speaking population has dwindled in comparison to other ethnic groups providing a vibrant diversity. Living in Brooklyn, NY today you’ll experience an eclectic hub of many different cultures.

Bensonhurst History

The Bensonhurst neighborhood is surrounded by Borough Park, Midwood, Dyker Heights, Gravesend, and Bath Beach, now integrated with Chinese, Russian, Mexican, and Middle Eastern cultures who arrived in the 1980’s. New York blogger Tracy Kaler waxes poetic over the Italian businesses here that represent the working-class history of the area. She loves cannoli from Villabate Alba bakery/pasticceria, and the “old Brooklyn feel” evoked by places like Tony Manero’s pizza joint Lenny’s featured in Saturday Night Fever.

Thanks in part to the foundations set by hardworking Italian and Jewish residents in the 1800’s and early 1900’s, Bensonhurst has a lower cost of living compared to other parts of Brooklyn. The range of housing, low crime rate, good schools, diverse dining scene, plentiful recreation space, and proximity to the ocean make it an ideal location for families and singles alike.

 The Rich Culture

Culture in and around Bensonhurst is as diverse as its population, and incorporates modern interests with Bensonhurst history. From Coney Island, to beautiful public parks and botanical gardens, to championship golf courses, to entertaining clubs, everyone will find something to do any day or night of the week. Annual events like WWE SummerSlam, the 18th Avenue Feast, and the Columbus Day Parade keep residents and visitors happily entertained and engaged. The Bensonhurst Greenmarket keeps residents in fresh fruits and vegetables for nearly half the year, through the end of November. Finding out what’s going on in Bensonhurst at any time is as easy as checking the calendar of the Bensonhurst Bean.

Bensonhurst Restaurants and Bars

You’ll find great food and drink everywhere you look in Bensonhurst. Enjoy worldwide cuisines from Italian favorites like Panino Rustico on 17th Avenue to French pastries at Honeybee Patisserie on Bay Parkway to Duck Wong on 86th Street. Besides amazing Italian eateries, hungry residents and visitors will find a wide variety of Greek, Mediterranean, Chinese, Cantonese, Mexican, Russian, Japanese, Middle Eastern, and Polish restaurants for any taste and budget.

Bars and lounges display the same diversity, with hookah bars like La Boheme Lounge with food, drinks, and smokes, Lock Yard with simple eats like beer and pub fare, and Bourbon Springs with cocktails and Cajun cooking.

There are so many reasons to love Bensonhurst in Brooklyn. It bursts with interesting things to see and do, great places to eat and drink, and a wide range of activities at any time of the year.

Residents Living in Brooklyn, NY: Learn How Stop & Stor Can Help You

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