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10 Motorcycle Storage Tips to Get Through Winter

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In many parts of the country, riding season is only from the late spring through early fall, and when the cold winter weather comes, it's important to put your motorcycle away right until the next season rolls around again. When you prepare your motorcycle to be stored, the next time you pull out your motorcycle, you'll be much better prepared to go riding. There are several tips and tricks to make sure that your motorcycle is in optimal condition the next time you want to take it on the road. Here are the top 10 motorcycle storage tips to prepare your motorcycle for the winter months.

1. Keep Your Tires in Shape

When a vehicle with rubber tires sits for too long, one of the consequences is that tires can become flat on whatever spot they are resting. To avoid this, fill up your tires to the maximum recommended amount. Then, make sure you rotate the tires every few weeks. Another option is to hang your bike slightly off the ground.

2. Wax Your Bike

Have you ever noticed how you tend to get the most rust on your vehicle when it's not in use? This is because your vehicle can accumulate dust and moisture when it's not in use. This dust will attract the moisture and dirt, causing those spots to rust. If you wash, dry, and wax your motorcycle directly before putting it into storage, it's less likely to develop rust.

3. Change Your Fluids

When you change the fluids in your motorcycle before you put it away, not only do you save yourself time in the spring when you're ready to take it back outside, but you also protect your motorcycle. When your oil, coolant, and other fluids get low or filled with contaminants, it's more likely that fluids will begin to dry out or become corrosive. When everything is fresh, your motorcycle will enjoy the benefits of better fluids, even if it is just sitting.

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4. Keep Sunlight Away

When you're storing your motorcycle for the season, there are several things that you will want to consider when choosing a spot. First of all, you'll want to choose a place that is away from windows that might let in sunlight. The sun can fade your paint and leather if the bike is exposed to it daily.

5. Keep Moisture Away

When you're choosing a motorcycle storage space, you should also consider moisture. Particularly damp areas will more likely cause your motorcycle rust damage. If you store your bike in your garage, make sure that the garage doesn't get too humid. If you find out that your garage is not a great place to store your bike, another option is to put it in a climate-controlled storage unit.

6. Keep Your Battery Charged

It's very common for batteries that are never used to lose their charge. This is especially true with motorcycles, which can sit for several months without use. If you want to know that your bike will start right up the first time that you want to use it, you can charge your battery once a month throughout the off-season. Another option is to take your battery out of your motorcycle and then hook it up to a battery charger/trickle charger that will periodically charge your battery without overcharging it.

7. Use a Cover-Up

If you're looking for a way to keep critters and insects away from your motorcycle when you have it stored, a motorcycle storage cover is the way to go. A well-fitting motorcycle cover will alleviate many potential rodent concerns including nests or damage to wiring.

8. Run Fuel Stabilizer Through the System

The last time you fill your gas tank, also add in some fuel stabilizer. When fuel sits for long periods of time, it can turn gunky. When you add in fuel stabilizer, your fuel won't get thick over the course of the winter.

9. Cover Mufflers

Beyond a motorcycle cover, you can add an extra layer of protection by putting plastic over your mufflers. Rodents love to curl up into tight spaces, and if you keep your mufflers covered, mice will have less of a chance to enter the tailpipes.

10. Lube Moving Parts

If moving parts are lubed right before you put your bike away for the winter, the lube will prevent water from building up on those moving parts. This will mean that you will have fewer rust problems in the spring.

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