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10 Things NOT To Put in Storage

spray paint cans that can't be put in storage

A common misconception is that you can stash anything and everything away in a storage unit without any rules or restrictions. However, there are certain things that should never be put into a Stop & Stor unit, even for a short amount of time. For example, hazardous, illegal, or stolen items have no business being in a storage unit that you rent. But there are other restrictions you might not anticipate if you haven't worked with a reputable storage company in the past.

From the storage experts at Stop & Stor, here is a list of what not to put in a storage unit so that you are a safe and responsible renter.

1. Flammable Materials

If something can explode or catch on fire, by law, it doesn't belong in a storage unit. Flammable materials are not allowed in storage units because of the potential damage they could cause, not only to your belongings but to the entire facility and other customers' units too.

Prohibited items include fireworks, gasoline, paint, chemical cleaning products, oil, and propane. You’ll also want to avoid putting kerosene, turpentine, acetone, and acid into storage units for safety purposes.

2. Liquids & Paint

Nothing damages in a self storage facility like fluid not only flammable ones noted above. Water in bottles or containers, paints of any kind, all liquid cleaning supplies and solvents, anything that can spill can cause damage to your unit, all the units around and below yours, and our facility in general. Fluids are corrosive, cause dangerous slip and fall situations, and can cause mold & mildew.

3. Stolen Goods

Some people try to use storage units to hide away stolen items outside of their personal homes and vehicles. However, this is risky because the police can get a warrant to search your storage unit if criminal activity is suspected.

4. Illegal Drugs

Similarly, it is a bad decision to hide illegal drugs in a storage unit because there is a good chance that you will get caught and punished by legal authorities. Storage units typically have video surveillance for security purposes, which could provide evidence of you stowing away illegal drugs.

5. Weapons

You are not allowed to put weapons in rented storage units, including guns, bombs, hand grenades, and flame-throwers. You should also not put ammunition in a storage unit because it creates liability issues and even more problems if you don’t pay your rent and your unit goes up for auction. You will be prosecuted.

6. Plants and Animals

Obliviously live plants and animals are additional examples of what not to put in a storage unit. Storage units do not have windows, so plants won't get the light they need to survive here in the dark. Plants will also attract insects to your unit, which could damage other items that you have stored away.

Storage units are also not viable places for animals to live, so keep your pets at home and wild animals in the outdoors where they belong. Dead plants and animals should also not be in a storage unit because these things can attract pests and cause rotting and bad odors.

7. Money

In the past, some criminals have used storage units for places to hide cash. However, this is not allowed in most storage facilities. Alternatively, secure your cash in a bank deposit box for greater protection.

8. Food

Food and other perishable items are forbidden in storage units because they will spoil and attract pests. It is common for dry, bagged pet food to attract mice and the growth of bacteria and mold. Even canned goods should not be placed in non-climate-controlled storage units because cans may explode in high heat.

9. Fur Coats

It might seem reasonable to place fur coats that you only wear on special occasions in a standard storage unit. However, your favorite furs might become ruined if you don't have a climate-controlled storage room to preserve them. Specialty providers offer better options for furs to stay looking great and last for a long time.

10. Vehicle Tires

Old and new car tires take up a lot of space and have significant value, so you might think about storing tires away in a unit that you have rented. However, they are not allowed due to the fire risk and because disposal fees are often required to get rid of tires if your unit goes to auction.

Safe and Responsible Storage with Stop & Stor

These are good general rules to follow when deciding what to put in your storage unit and what to keep at home or dispose of properly.

If you have questions about what is allowed in our units, please contact us by phone at 718-698-8000 or by email at Thank you for doing your part to keep our facilities safe, legally compliant, and accessible for everyone to use!

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