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5 x 10 Storage Unit Tips

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At Stop & Stor, we offer storage units and lockers in various sizes, ranging from 25-square-foot, reduced-height lockers to large units with 300 square feet of space or more to store your belongings. Yet one of the most popular options among our New York customers is our 5-foot by 10-foot units that are small enough to be very affordable but large enough to stash away many items if you organize them efficiently and literally provide you with an additional room in your home or apartment. 

Here is everything you need to know about common storage rental sizes and 5 x 10 storage unit tips to help you make the most of your small unit rental. 

How Big Is a 5 x 10 Storage Unit?

Our 5 x 10 storage units are considered “small” and measure about 50 square feet. Think of this type of space as approximately the size of a walk-in closet in your home or a large shed in your yard. These units are five feet wide and 10 feet long, but the height of the unit can vary from one building to the next. A 5 x 10 unit is often a great choice if you want to store the contents of a mid-size bedroom, studio apartment, or college dorm room. 

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What Can You Fit in a 5 x 10 Storage Unit? 

If you rent a 5 x 10 self-storage unit, you will likely be able to fit about 20 large boxes inside and have a little extra room left over. If you are trying to put appliances or furniture in your unit, you may want to have an assortment of large, medium, and small boxes to place around those large items to maximize the space. You can even store items inside of appliances to use every inch possible. You can fit a king-size bed set in a 5 x 10 unit, but that won’t leave much room for other items.

These are some of the most common items that people store in 5 x 10 storage units: 

  • Boxes of household goods and clothing 
  • Queen-size bed sets 
  • Dresser and two nightstands 
  • Couch and recliner 
  • TV and TV stand
  • Bikes and sporting equipment 

Tips for Packing a 5 x 10 Storage Unit? 

With a small storage unit, such as the 5 x 10 option, it is crucial to maximize the space to make the most of your rental. Put the heavy boxes at the bottom, and hide small items away in appliances to save room. Even though the space is small, make sure to leave a path to walk through and access items in the back. Always put items in the front that you expect to need sooner or more frequently, leaving the back spaces reserved for items that you don’t expect to want for a long time. 

The 5 x 10 storage unit option is very useful if you are in between apartments or need to store just a few things temporarily while renovating your home. Business customers often use 5 x 10 units for extra inventory and office supplies that do not fit in their offices. 

Do You Need a 10 x 10 Storage Unit Instead? 

If you think a 5 x 10 unit will be too small to fit your belongings, you might consider sizing up to a medium-size, 10 by 10 storage unit instead. A storage unit with 10 x 10 measurements is 100 square feet in size, giving you double the space of a 5 x 10 unit. A 10 x 10 storage unit is about half the size of a standard one-car garage. 

You might benefit from a storage unit with a 10 x 10 size if you have multiple pieces of large furniture or need to access your items more frequently. They can also typically fit 100 or more boxes of items inside, which is good to know if all of your belongings can easily be boxed up. These units are large enough to fit the contents of a standard living room or two bedrooms. If you have a two-bedroom apartment in NYC that is 800 square feet or less, you should be able to fit everything inside one of these units. 

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We Can Help You Choose the Right Unit Size

If you are still unsure which storage unit size is right for you, our team of professionals can help you make the best decision for your needs and budget. Contact us online with your questions, or call us at 718-698-8000, and we'll gladly assist you.

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