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The Benefits of our Exclusive Drive-Thru Storage

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Many New Yorkers have the misconception that all self-storage companies are the same and offer exactly the same features as the other options available. However, one of the many features that makes Stop & Stor really stand out is our exclusive Drive-Thru buildings that make the process of storing your belongings more manageable and convenient than ever before. Don’t confuse this with drive-up storage, that’s mainly a feature in suburban storage facilities, and we do have many drive up rooms at every facility. By Drive-Thru, we literally mean you can drive directly into our facilities and easily access your space in total comfort.

Here are some of the reasons why a drive-thru storage unit might be the perfect fit for your lifestyle!

Wide and Spacious Areas for Inside Parking exclusively for our customers

At almost every Stop & Stor location in New York City, you’ll find wide and spacious areas for ample FREE indoor parking for our customers, no matter what type of storage unit you have. There is plenty of room to park your car or small truck without fighting other people for a place to park outside, or squeezing into tight spaces if you have rented a small truck or van for your moving needs.

Avoid Loading and Unloading in New York’s Harsh Weather

There’s no denying that New York weather can be harsh and unforgiving – during all four seasons of the year. This is one of the top reasons individuals and businesses choose our exclusive Drive-Thru facilities when they need storage.

When you access our exclusive Drive-Thru buildings, you can avoid the harsh elements of rain, snow, heat, cold, wind, and high humidity. There’s no need to bring along a raincoat, umbrella, or even a winter coat just to put something into your storage unit or grab something out of it. Come by with whatever you’re wearing while you’re out running errands or when you’re planning ahead for a big move.

No Waiting Around to Access Your Unit

With Drive-Thru buildings, there’s no jockeying for a position or waiting around for access to an outside loading dock. Those wasted minutes can add up when you have a busy schedule. Waiting around when you have other things to do can also increase your stress levels unnecessarily. Instead, you can drive right into our building and start loading or unloading.

Get In and Out Much Faster and Easier

New Yorkers also love our exclusive Drive-Thru storage because they can get in and out of their units much faster, easier and safer. You won't have the hassle of carrying boxes long distances because your car will be parked closer to your unit. The ease of moving items from one place to another is a significant benefit if you have limited mobility or just aren't used to heavy lifting every day.

Easy Access to Elevators and Lifts

We value your safety and accessibility when using our exclusive Drive-Thru storage units, which give you easy access to elevators and lifts when you need them. Our traditional drive-up storage units are strategically positioned in our Drive-Thru facility to help you make them even more convenient and accessible.

Access Your Space in Complete Safety

There are also safety benefits of having a drive-thru storage unit because these units allow you to handle your business with peace of mind. You can keep your vehicle safe and close by while you are in your unit and access your space safely and comfortably.

An Affordable Storage Solution

At Stop & Stor, we are committed to offering affordable storage solutions for all storage needs – large and small. We have competitive prices on all of our units and various sizes to choose from so that you aren't paying for storage you don't need, and all of our rates are fully guaranteed no to change for a full year. No other company offers anything like it. If you ever stored with another company, you certainly remember how often your rates were increased.

Better yet, our Drive-Thru storage customers find these units to be exceptionally affordable especially considering no other company offers such a great convenience. Save time, save money and gain that additional space you need around your home or business office. Inquire about the most convenient location nearest you.

Many Versatile Uses

Our exclusive Drive-Thru storage is the perfect feature that works great for any personal or business customer. for many people and purposes. If you own your own business, you can rent a drive-up storage in our Drive-Thru buildings and quickly stash away excess inventory, files, office furniture, tools, and equipment. And as your needs change over the years, we can easily assist you in planning ahead for future storage requirements and always be prepared. 

Other Beneficial Facility Features

However, our Drive-Thru buildings are just one of the many facility features that we offer at Stop & Stor. Our clean and well-lit buildings come with many other benefits as well, including the following:

  • Guaranteed Locked-in annual rates
  • Loading docks
  • Deliveries accepted
  • Free Indoor parking
  • Many Discounts available
  • No long-term commitment
  • Carts, dollies, and hand trucks
  • Storage unit and storage locker options
  • 24/7 video surveillance
  • Live-in, onsite caretaker
  • Electronic coded access
  • Packing supplies available

Are you ready to experience the benefits of Drive-Thru storage for yourself?

We are New York's Self-Storage Leader because we make renting a storage unit near you easy, efficient, and cost-effective. If you have any questions about what you can store in a Drive-Thru unit or convenient payment options, please call us at 718-698-8000 or email us at Our customer service team will be happy to help you find the perfect unit for your specific needs.

Established in 1980, Stop & Stor is a family owned and operated business that has become New York’s Self Storage Leader by offering cutting-edge facilities in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island.


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