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Do Storage Units Have Outlets?

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Stop and Stor’s beautiful, clean, and well-lit facilities offer many unique features, such as electronic coded access, an onsite caretaker, and 24/7 video surveillance. But a common question that we get from prospective renters is “Do storage units have outlets?”

Electrical outlets are more important to some storage unit renters than others, but it is good to be aware of the options available so that you can rent a unit that best suits your needs. Here are some details about electrically powered storage units and how to find a unit that is equipped with outlets for you to plug in electrical devices and equipment.

Why You May Need Electric Outlets

Although it is not common for storage units to have electrical outlets, they can be very useful in certain circumstances. For example, if you are using a storage unit for business purposes, you may need an outlet to plug in a laptop while updating inventory in the unit. They also give you the option of having more light inside to sort through items and find what you need.

Why Many Units Don’t Have Electricity

However, most standard storage units do not have electrical outlets inside them because it is simply not necessary or an in-demand feature. Costs increase when adding power to a storage unit, so customers would likely be required to pay more to rent an electric unit. Storage facility owners can keep costs down and pass those savings onto you by offering only what you truly need to store your belongings. Without electricity offered in the units, facilities can reduce their liability risks due to potential fires and nuisance claims due to noise coming from neighboring units.

Another reason why storage units don’t have electricity is to deter people from trying to live in them. Taking up residence in a storage unit is against the law and local building codes but having electricity inside a unit can make them more enticing as an affordable housing option. Without access to heating and cooling devices, cooking appliances, fans, or a television, the idea of living in a storage unit becomes less attractive, deterring customers from living in these spaces that never intended to be a person’s home.

How to Get Electricity in Your Unit

If having an outlet in a storage unit is important to you, you may need to shop around for a facility that can meet your needs. Facilities that accommodate business storage in addition to basic personal storage may be more likely to have outlets in some units.

Contact storage unit businesses by phone or stop by the office to talk to a staff member about your electricity needs. It may be possible to get electricity in your unit as an add-on feature that comes at an additional cost. However, there could be restrictions involved with electricity usage with regard to what is safe to plug in and how much electricity you are allowed to use.

If you want to get electricity in your storage unit, you should be prepared to pay an extra cost for this service. Ask the facility manager what the cost will be for outlet access and if electricity usage is monitored in any way. If the location of the outlet matters for what you need electricity for while in the unit, ask the facility manager to see a detailed floor plan or get a tour of an outlet-equipped unit so that you are prepared with the proper length of cords when your rental agreement begins.

Our Business Program

At Stop and Stor, we offer a business program that gives renters access to commercial units for their NYC businesses. These business units are great options for companies that are looking to expand their operations without investing in new real estate or that are going through a time of transition. Local businesses often store furniture, documents, and other items in our units when they are downsizing, moving office locations, or going through an acquisition or merger.

One of the many benefits of our commercial units is free electric usage and ample electrical outlets. When you rent one of these powered-up units, you can plug in your laptop, phone, printer, fan, lamp, radio, or other electronic devices that you need to get organized and help your business be successful.

In addition to storage unit outlets, here are some other advantages to being part of our business program:

  • Easy access with drive-up storage units
  • Commercial truck loading docks at most storage locations
  • Discounts for advance rental payment
  • Multiple-unit rental discounts
  • Employee discounts for personal storage needs
  • No long-term commitments
  • Extra-large commercial storage units available
  • Individual lighting in all 10 x 10 storage units
  • Climate-controlled units available at most locations
  • Extra-wide roll-up doors
  • Extended hours
  • Accept deliveries at no charge
  • FedEx & UPS access
  • Competitive prices

Rent from Stop and Stor

Not every storage facility in New York City offers units with electrical outlets, but Stop and Stor is here to help you with this common request and many other storage needs across the five boroughs. We offer traditional storage units that are typically eight feet tall and also smaller storage lockers that are more like four or five feet high for a reduced cost. We understand that each person’s storage needs are unique, and we are here to guide you through the rental process and answer all the questions you have about our facilities’ features.

Contact us to inquire about the availability of a unit with an electrical outlet at a Stop and Stor facility near you. With flexible month-to-month renting and guaranteed no price increases for your first year, we are the storage company New Yorkers trust when they have special needs and unique requests. Our team is available to discuss this and many other concerns with you by phone at 718-689-8000 or by email at

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