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First Apartment Checklist: Things You Need for Your First Apartment

moving boxes stacked in an apartment

Your first apartment is exciting. There's all sorts of new firsts, but there are many first apartment essentials that you will need, beyond the apartment. When you think about it, your mom and dad actually own everything in the kitchen, living room, basement, and basically everywhere else in the house that's not in your bedroom. So, there's actually quite a few things that you will need to buy right away, and there are a few things that you might want in time but can wait for a while. To help you think of all of those items that you take for granted will actually be staying in your parents’ house, let's go room by room and think of the biggest things to go on your first apartment checklist.


The kitchen is one of the rooms that you will need to put some of the most initial investment in, even for a relatively humble kitchen. There are some things that are nice to have, but there are other things you need for your first apartment that are essential. Glasses, silverware, and dishware are absolutely necessary, unless you want to solely eat takeout, which is not a smart idea for those on a budget. 

You'll also want to look at the apartment that you're renting. Which appliances does it already come with? For instance, some apartments are rented out with a microwave, but in others you might need to furnish your own. If you're a coffee drinker, you'll want a coffee maker, which can save you hundreds of dollars over the course of a year. 

You'll also appreciate at least a few pots and pans for making spaghetti or grilled cheese from time to time. Items like high-end mixers and some other less often used kitchen gadgets are things that you can wait on and ask for as a birthday or holiday present later once you've thought about it.

Living Room

One of the obvious things that you'll need for your new place is a couple places to sit, like a sofa and some comfortable chairs. You'll also need a table of some sort and, if you didn't already have one in your bedroom, a lot of people like their television in the living room. Beyond that, you might want to expand your artwork collection or get a few picture frames so that you can have pictures of all the people that you no longer see first thing in the morning when you come out of your room.


You probably already have certain items, such as your toiletries, but do you have a shower curtain yet? Shower curtains, bath towels, and tooth brush holders are a few of those indispensable items that you might not have thought about, but when you do, putting your toothbrush on the bathroom sink counter and just leaving it there every day seems strange. Other less glamourous bathroom items include a plunger and toilet brush.


This is most likely the room that you already have most taken care of, unless you still need to go out and buy a bed and dressers. It's wise to ask your parents if they'll be letting you take your childhood bed with you to your new place, or if you'll need to find one of your own. Although you might not necessarily keep these items in the bathroom, some people find them nice to have for their clothes. An ironing board is one of those items that some people might use on a weekly basis, yet others might never notice it's missing, depending on their wardrobe.

Cleaning Supplies

Some of these supplies might be stored in various parts of the apartment, but they shouldn't be ignored. Cleaning supplies are actually somewhat expensive to stock up with in the beginning, but you'll appreciate that you already have carpet cleaner spray the first time that you spill on the carpet.

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