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Furniture Storage Best Care Practices

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American consumers spend thousands of dollars on household furnishings each year to design their homes with places to sit, eat, sleep, play, and relax, in short - making a house or apartment a home. Furniture is a significant investment and is worth protecting for the long term, regardless of whether you currently have it in your house or put it away for storage for later use. Stop & Stor has amazing options for storage for home furniture in New York, they provide you peace of mind that your items will stay looking just as good as you remember them. 

Here are some important furniture storage tips and ideas about how to store furniture in ways that keep it preserved and performing well for many years to come. 

Clean Furniture Before Storing 

Certain pieces of furniture, such as sofas and dining room chairs, tend to collect crumbs from meals and snacks you enjoyed while sitting on them. Before moving a piece of furniture to storage, clean it thoroughly to remove any food left behind. This extra step will help eliminate the risk of rodents and other pests being attracted to your furniture. Also, use the appropriate cleaners to remove rust on metal furniture, remove stains from fabric furniture, and preserve the finish on wood furniture before storing it away. Our commitment to provide the best environment for your items is our top priority.

Remember, our maintenance staff keeps all of our facilities exceptionally spotless, and we have professional pest control experts treat our buildings for pests on a regular schedule.

Choose a Climate-Controlled Unit 

If you are storing valuable or nostalgic pieces of furniture in a storage unit, consider getting a climate-controlled unit for optimal humidity and temperature control. Most of our locations have climate-controlled units available to ensure less wear and tear on your furnishings’ wood veneers, leather, upholstery, and fabrics. However, we offer heating and cooling in all our facilities so that every Stop & Stor unit maintains a constant year-round temperature. 

Lift and Carry Items Carefully 

Moving furniture is a challenging but necessary job as you relocate, accumulate more belongings, or expand your household or business. Ensure that you are in good physical condition to lift and carry large furniture items and go slowly to prevent injuries, plus scratches and dents in the furniture. Take furniture apart, especially table legs and bed frames to make it easier to move, and store screws and bolts in labeled bags in a safe place.

After renting a storage unit from us, you can also inquire about renting a moving truck and receiving a reimbursement of up to $100 to make the move-in less of an expense and hassle. We also have carts and dollies that you can use to help make moving furniture in and out of your unit easier. 

Use Drop Cloths and Wraps

Be sure to cover your items in drop cloths and wrap delicate and valuable belongings as much as possible to provide further protection for your furnishings. A simple protective layer can go a long way in making minor mishaps no big deal when moving and storing furniture. Leave those extra layers on once you’ve arranged the furniture inside your unit to prevent excess dust from accumulating. Remember, we offer packing supplies for our customers, including furniture covers, moving bags, mattress bags, and bubble wrap in our office area. 

Don’t Put Furniture on the Floor  

To prevent potential moisture damage and stains, avoid putting your furniture on the floor of your storage unit. Instead, place a thick plastic sheet on the floor and put furniture on top. This is especially important to remember if you do not have a climate-controlled unit. Alternatively, you can place furniture on top of wood pallets or 2 X 4’s for an extra layer of floor protection. 

Try Moisture Detection Strips 

Another storage tip for home furniture is to try moisture-detection strips like DampRid. This commercial product measures the humidity level in the air and identifies places with excess moisture. You can easily use the single-use, disposable strips by placing them on any surface and reading the results when they appear. You'll be able to assess the moisture level before it becomes a significant problem and take action before damage happens. 

Check on Furniture Periodically 

We hope that you have found these Stop & Stor furniture storage tips helpful, but it is also a good idea to visit your storage unit occasionally to check on your items. At Stop & Stor, you can access your storage unit seven days a week, except for major legal holidays. We’ll give you a unique access code for our property, and you’ll have your own lock and key to access your storage unit so that you can pop in and make everything looks good from time to time. 

Please browse our website to reserve a storage locker or unit near you and enjoy flexible month-to-month renting at competitive prices. If you're unsure what size of unit will best accommodate your furniture, check out our size guide and choose from our 25 to 300 square feet options. Contact our team online or by calling 718-689-8000 with any questions you may have!

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