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How to Store Seasonal Holiday Decorations

woman wearing sweater holding christmas storage box full of ornaments

Each year, it’s fun to pull out holiday decorations to put up around your home and get into a festive state of mind. But since you only want to keep these items out for a month or two, finding space for them in the off-season is often a challenge. 

Self-storage is an excellent solution for how to store Christmas decorations between January and November so that you don’t clutter up your closets or overwhelm your attic or basement. Make sure your storage facility guarantees its rates for a full year like Stop & Stor does. This provides you with a peace of mind and allows you to actually use your space year-round. To ensure that everything stays organized and safe, we composed some helpful tips for how to store seasonal decorations so that you can enjoy them for many more festive seasons in the future. Having your own self-storage unit makes these tips easy and hassle-free to implement while freeing up the space you need for wrapping gifts and welcoming guests. 

Organizing Your Festive Décor 

When you put any personal belongings into a storage unit, it is important to keep them organized to find what you need later without a big hassle. You can make future access quick and easy by labeling each box and keeping an inventory list of each box’s contents. Another idea is to group room-specific and outdoor items together in your storage unit so that similar decorations are all in the same place. Keep items in storage separated by holiday so that you don't have to sift through Easter eggs just to find that ceramic Halloween pumpkin or Christmas mistletoe.

After you decorate your home, make sure to return the empty boxes and packaging materials to your storage unit to reduce clutter around the house. Then, you can use that extra space to tidy up your spare bedroom so that traveling guests will be more comfortable when staying overnight. As you are taking inventory of your seasonal items, consider getting rid of things that are already damaged to make room for new decorations unless they have great sentimental value and are worthy of repair. 

Protecting Valuables and Breakables 

From ornaments to wall hangings, table displays, and themed dishes, holiday decorations tend to be quite fragile. Make sure to protect delicate items as you pack them for storage because some settling may occur as you bring the boxes into and out of the unit. 

When looking for ways to store Christmas decorations safely and minimize breakage risks, pick up some bubble wrap, tissue paper, biodegradable packing peanuts, or air-filled plastic wrap for protection. To prevent potential damage, it is also a good idea to keep all cardboard from having direct contact with the floor. The best containers for many types of holiday décor are plastic storage bins in varying sizes because they are durable and resilient. Mark fragile boxes with unique labels, and avoid stacking heavy boxes on top of seasonal décor so that nothing get smashed and doesn’t look as good ever again.  

How to Store Christmas Lights 

A common question that comes up each year is how to store Christmas lights in a way that they don’t become a tangled mess and remain unbroken from one use to the next. An easy way to package them is to cut a piece of cardboard with notches on the ends to wrap your lights around. Some people also use hangers and power cord holders to store Christmas decorations that are prone to tangling. Keep Christmas lights separate from other holiday décor, such as wreaths, which are better off in a round, plastic container explicitly designed for wreath storage. 

Perks of Seasonal Storage Outside Your Home

There are many great reasons to turn to Stop & Stor, New York’s self-storage leader, for storage solutions around the holidays. In addition to controlling clutter and keeping organized, self-storage is a perfect way to hide presents away from the curious eyes of your entire family. Snooping gifts will be a thing of the past – especially for large items like bikes and sporting equipment! Some storage facilities are happy to receive package delivery, so be sure to inquire at your location if that is an option. 

Once you have your own storage space, you can use it for other off-season items beyond just holiday décor. For example, this might be a great place for patio furniture and bulky gardening tools that you don't use in the winter. The extra space may even entice you to decorate for other holidays throughout the year and keep the festive spirit going continuously around the house. Making the wise decision to rent a storage unit will preserve your favorite decorations for future years so that you can keep beloved traditions alive without having to buy brand-new pieces and then worry about your discarded decorations' impact on the environment.

Choosing the Right Storage Unit for Your Holiday Decorations 

Stop & Stor offers many storage solutions for your holiday decorations, such as storage units, storage lockers, and packing supplies. Our clean, well-lit buildings are ideal for everything that gets you in the mood for the season and can help reduce your holiday stress levels. Our exclusive drive thru buildings get you in & out fast, safely and comfortably. 

An indoor, dry, climate-controlled facility is best for storing delicate holiday decorations, especially ones with sentimental value, such as ornaments passed down through generations. Meanwhile, outdoor decorations tend to be hardier and can often be stored in a drive-up unit, without a climate-control feature. 

Check out our handy size guide to determine which size of storage unit is suitable for the number of holiday decorations you have. We have everything from 25-square-foot lockers to 300-square-foot units that measure 10 feet by 30 feet in size. However, we typically advise our customers to get a unit a little bigger than just the actual dimensions of their boxes so they have the option of adding to festive collections and can use the space to stash away off-season items during other times too.  

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