Storage Solutions

Storage During Home Renovation 

ladder set up in room for home renovation

Going through the home renovation process can be a nightmare depending on how large the project is. You can find yourself moving possessions into other rooms to provide space for the construction and remodeling projects. Unfortunately, this setup means you have less space in the rest of the house as you must deal with cramped quarters to eat meals, watch television or finish work deadlines. 

Free Up Space with Home Renovation Storage 

Sometimes the best solution during home renovations is to move your possessions into a safe and secure area outside of your house. While the garage may be an ideal solution, often you may use this space to store renovation materials and equipment on bad weather days. Trying to cut boards, drywall and tile while walking around your living room furniture is not an ideal scenario. In addition, the possessions can become dusty and dirty in this space. 

Instead, furniture storage units allow you to put your couches, dining room tables, bookcases, chairs, dressers, work desks and other items into a secure location. The items will be protected from dirt and dust created during the construction project. They will also be safe from any accidents that may occur which could damage the furniture beyond repair. 

Selecting the Right Storage Solution 

Before deciding on a storage unit, decide what furniture isn't necessary to have in your home during the renovations. Delicate china cabinets, spare furniture, bookcases and knickknack items are normally things that can be placed into storage immediately. Next, think about how your items can be multitasked to create more space without placing any burdens on your lifestyle. You may realize that you can use your large coffee table to eat meals, finish work reports and allow the kids to do their homework. Then you can place the dining room table and kitchen table into furniture storage units. 

Once you decide on which furniture to place into storage, you need to select the right unit size so all your possessions can fit inside. You will want to measure all of your big furniture items and write down their dimensions. Keep in mind that you may be able to stack certain items on top of each other, such as chairs on top of tables and bookcases on couches, along with turning the item on its side to provide even more storage solution options. Then contact the storage facility for unit sizes. Many storage facilities have guides that will tell you the number of items that can be placed into certain units as then you can pick the right one for your needs. 

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