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What is the Smallest Storage Unit You Can Get?

Woman preparing to pack for a small storage unit with Stop & Stor boxes

Our customers frequently ask us for advice about which storage unit size is right for them so that they don't overpay for space they won't utilize. We understand that every person's storage needs are unique and have a wide range of sizes, from small lockers about the size of a closet to large spaces the size of a one-car garage.

So, what is the smallest storage unit size that you can get at a Stop & Stor location in NYC? This article explores the benefits of renting a tiny space and tips for making the most of every square inch.  

Why Rent the Smallest Storage Unit Available? 

It is a common misconception that it’s only worth renting a storage unit if you have a lot of stuff to store away. However, renting just a small, affordable locker can actually free up an entire room of your house. The smallest units we offer at Stop & Stor are perfect for stashing away seasonal clothing, coats, shoes, and collectibles. They are excellent options for apartment holiday storage and for freeing up closet space to help you reduce clutter and get more organized in your home. Small units and lockers are budget-friendly with month-to-month renting, plus you'll get a discount if you pay in advance for committing to six or 12 months.

Many people rent the smallest storage unit size we offer when trying to declutter their NYC apartments with limited space. These units are also popular for students who need a place to put their things during the summer break before the new school year starts. If you run a small business in NYC, you might rent a 5 x 5 storage unit to keep your office organized and free of clutter from piles of archival documents, sample products, and extra inventory.

How Big is a 5x5 Storage Unit? 

Our storage lockers come in a 5 x 5 x 4 size and a 5 x 5 x 6 size. Both options measure 25 square feet. These lockers have limited unit heights varying from four to six feet tall. This is about half the size of our regular storage units. They are about the size of a small closet and perfect for boxes, seasonal décor, clothing, and small items. These spaces might look tiny when you first walk in, but you’ll be surprised at how much you can actually fit inside with a good organizational plan and a little creativity. 

Here are some common items that you might store in a 5 x 5 storage unit: 

  • Small and midsize boxes
  • Holiday decorations 
  • Books and paper documents 
  • Seasonal clothing 
  • Twin or full-size mattress 
  • Desk 
  • Dresser
  • End tables 
  • Carpet 
  • Lamps
  • Dining room chairs 
  • Gardening tools 
  • Sporting equipment 

Making the Most of the Smallest Storage Space

Due to the size of our smallest storage spaces, you'll want to leave out anything more than four feet tall unless the item can be disassembled. To make the most of the space, you might consider installing shelves to stack small items. Bikes and lawn chairs can also be hung on racks. Think vertical, yet make sure your stacks are sturdy so that nothing comes tumbling down and puts you at risk of injury. 

If you want to store small pieces of furniture in your rental locker, such as a small table and two chairs, remove the legs if possible and stack the pieces vertically. Roll up clothes to save space in boxes or plastic storage bins, and add silica packets or oxygen absorbers to prevent mold growth. For anything fragile, such as dishes or mirrors, wrap the items in bubble wrap and arrange them in a sturdy box or container with the heaviest items on the bottom. For seasonal decorations, remove loose parts if they can be disassembled into pieces and put back together later when it's time for the holiday. If you want to fit a full-size mattress in the 5 x 5 unit, it will need to go in vertically and diagonally, and a couch will need to be stored on its side to fit in a 5 x 5 unit. 

Rent Our Smallest Storage Unit in NYC

To find the smallest storage space available near you, visit the locations page of our website and filter by Queensthe BronxStaten IslandBrooklyn, or Manhattan. We offer competitive pricing on 5 x 5 storage units with the option to reserve a unit now with no obligation or credit card required. Features of our buildings include loading docks, free parking, well-lit spaces, deliveries accepted, carts and dollies available, and no long-term commitments required. We also offer state-of-the-art security features like 24/7 video surveillance and a live-in caretaker onsite. If you need packing supplies, such as mattress bags, boxes, furniture covers, bubble wrap, or a lock, we can help with that and give you a 10 percent discount for renting with us. 

To learn more about our smallest storage rental size and whether it’s the right fit for you, please contact us online or by phone at 718-698-8000.

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