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5 Benefits of Climate Controlled Storage

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Residents in New York know a thing or two about running out of space. Whether it's a home or an apartment, it's hard to keep every room neat and tidy as people collect more things. Sometimes it's good to declutter without getting rid of your belongings for good. If you're low on space and want to protect your items for the short or long term, climate-controlled storage units are the ideal solution.

Climate Controlled Storage Gives You Extra Space

It doesn't matter if you live in a large house; you'll run out of space eventually. Small homes and apartments aren't the only ones that are prone to storage problems. When the closets pile up with clothes and there's no more room in the attic or the garage, a climate-controlled unit gives you a place in which to keep your things while you make space at home.

Protect Against Extreme Temperatures

New York winters chill you to the bone while the summers ramp up the heat and the humidity. If you store your items in a drive-up unit, you risk exposing everything to excessive heat or cold depending on the season. Extreme temperatures can damage items like electronics, documents and other valuables. Climate controlled units keep the interior temperature consistent throughout the year, making sure to protect against the damaging effects of winter and summer.

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Prevent Pest Infestations

Outdoor units aren't very insulated or sealed enough to keep out insect pests and rodents. Pests have a much harder time invading indoor climate-controlled units, so you never have to worry about spider infestations or pests that may damage your belongings, such as silverfish and the common clothes moth. Climate controlled storage units also keep out rodents that could build nests in boxes and contaminate your belongings with feces and dander.

Keep Out Unwanted Humidity

Climate controlled storage units protect against excessive moisture and humidity. Documents, artwork, photos and other sensitive items are prone to humidity damage. High humidity also negatively affects electronics and causes moisture buildup in fabrics. Climate control keeps the interior at the same temperature and prevents humidity from damaging your belongings.

Storage Units Help With Organization

When the clutter piles up, you need a place for it to go. Whether you're gathering items for a yard sale or to reduce clutter in your bedroom, it's good to keep everything organized. A storage unit gives you a room for setting aside those items and keeping them neatly stored away until you're ready to sell them or to bring individual pieces back into your home.

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