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How Does Self Storage Work?

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What is self storage?

Self storage is as simple as it sounds: you rent a unit that you can then fill with whatever you'd like and can continue to store it there for as long as your rental payments are current. These units range in size from a large walk-in closet to a large garage or even larger. You can access your unit during normal business hours to put in or take out your belongings, as needed.

How to Use Self Storage

Self storage is easy and simple to use. Self storage complexes are typically surrounded by a security fence which is entered through a password-protected gate. You will be assigned a specific code based on your unit number and/or other pieces of information to ensure your code is totally unique. You can access your unit as many times as you'd like during business hours. Your individual unit will be equipped with at least one lock that protects the contents inside. Self storage complexes are highly secure facilities so you can be confident your personal belongings are always safe. 

As to what you can store in your storage unit, you're really only limited by the size of your unit and your imagination. You can store excess belongings, materials you use to run a business, large items that won't fit in your house, valuable collections, or really whatever you don't have space for and don't want to have stored on your own property. This means you can utilize a storage unit to help make your moving process easier, to store a loved one's belongings as you're managing their estate, to add some extra square footage to your home's storage, or even to run a small business. Again, a storage unit is a blank canvas that has very few limitations.

What to Look for When Choosing a Storage Unit

There are many factors you'll need to consider when you choose a storage unit. After all, once you figure out how self storage works, it can still be quite time consuming to fill a storage unit, so you want to be sure that you choose the best one, the first time. 

One important consideration is the cost. When considering different units, don't just choose the one that offers the lowest upfront cost. Instead, consider the cost over the long term. Many storage companies will offer an introductory rate to lure you in, then raise your monthly rate after only a month or two. If a company offers a rent guarantee for at least a year, you know you've found a place that is working with you instead of against you.

Another important consideration is the condition of the facilities. Again, you may be able to find a place that doesn't charge very much, but if their facilities are worn-down, you can't be certain that your belongings will be safe. Look for grounds that are kept up well, ensure the security fence is in good repair, and make note of how well the doors on the units work. Ideally, you want to find a facility that is well-kept, clean, modern, and well-lit to ensure maximum convenience and security.

Of course, you want the storage unit you choose to be well-laid out, as well. Drive-thru storage buildings will ensure that you can drive your vehicle right up to your unit to provide for easy loading and unloading. The last thing you want is to have to haul a bunch of heavy items over a long distance. Plus, the unit layout should make sense so that it's easy for you and anyone else who uses your unit to find it anytime you need to.

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