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Key Steps to Prepare for Long-Term Storage

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New Yorkers often need to store away a few things for just a little while when they are between seasons, residences, traveling, or perhaps starting a new business. But you might have more prolonged storage needs for items that you don’t need cluttering-up your personal space but can’t ever imagine actually getting rid of.

Fortunately, Stop & Stor offers long-term storage solutions that are affordable and safe for belongings that you don't expect to use for quite some time. If this is the kind of situation you are facing right now, read on to learn about how to pack a storage unit for an extended stay and make the most of your long-term storage unit.

What to Put in Long-Term Storage Units

Of course, everyone’s storage needs are different, but there are certain things that frequently make sense to store long-term. For example, long-term storage is a great option for providing easy, off-site access to files and documents that you don’t need to review often. You might also want to put antiques and collectibles in long-term storage, as well as extra furniture or equipment that you might need a few years from now.

However, there are certain things that do not typically belong in a long-term storage unit, such as anything illegal or items with great sentimental value that you simply could not live without. Motor vehicles with engines that require regular maintenance, electronics that are sensitive to temperature changes, live plants, and any food items are not ideal, or even allowed in long-term storage either.

Plan the Room Layout and Access

Even though you won’t be regularly accessing your long-term storage unit, you still want to be able to find and retrieve items without a big hassle when you need to. Take the time to plan out your room layout in advance so that it doesn’t end up looking like a big, messy pile of stuff that feels overwhelming and unmanageable. Just a little advance planning now will save you lots of hassles and headaches in the future.

Keep Items Off the Floor

Another tip for how to pack a storage unit for the long term is to keep items off the floor for greater longevity. Cover the floor of your unit with a plastic sheet or canvas tarp. This will prevent any dampness from seeping into your boxes and compromising the contents over time. You can also place your items on wooden pallets or shelves to promote airflow throughout the unit.

Use the Best Packing Materials

Flimsy boxes simply aren’t good enough when you are looking to store important materials long-term. Use heavy-duty cardboard boxes or upgrade to plastic bins for greater durability. Plastic bins with small openings can encourage beneficial air flow and prevent condensation from getting trapped inside.

If you use boxes or bins that are all about the same size, you can maximize the storage space and fit more inside and have a more stable stacking arrangement. Avoid placing items in plastic bags because they can trap moisture and leave no room for airflow. For your convenience, Stop & Stor can supply you with high-quality packing materials, including boxes of various sizes, file boxes, dish-packing boxes, wardrobe boxes, furniture covers, mattress bags, packing wrap, and tape.

Cover Items with Plastic or Fabric  

For an extra layer of protection, place plastic drop cloths or cotton sheets over your storage items. This extra layer creates a dust barrier, which is important for items that will remain in place for a long time. If you are covering furniture, choose a white cotton sheet so that colors don’t eventually bleed onto the upholstery. Plastic sheets, however, can work well to cover up boxes and plastic bins containing smaller items.

Keep an Inventory List in the Unit

It is a smart idea to maintain an up-to-date inventory list of everything in a storage unit, regardless of how long you plan to rent it. However, this step is especially important if you want to keep your items safe in our facility for an extended time. It is very easy to forget what is inside your unit when you don't see the items on a regular basis. So, an easy-to-view inventory list posted inside the unit will help you remember the locations of specific items and if you have added or removed anything to the unit since you originally moved in.

Consider a Climate-Controlled Unit

The biggest risks of long-term storage are moisture, temperature, light, dust, and pests. If you need to store sensitive, expensive, or nostalgic items for a long time, you might consider renting a climate-controlled unit for added protection. Climate-controlled units are available at most Stop & Stor locations, so browse our listing of available units to find one to meet your needs.

Where to Find Cheap, Long-Term Storage

If you are looking for a cheap, long-term storage solution in New York, then you’re in the right place! We serve customers in the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, and Manhattan to make long-term storage convenient and affordable.

Why clutter up your home or office with personal possessions that you aren’t going to want or need for months or even years? We can offer you the best prices on storage units and lockers of various sizes so that you only pay for the amount of storage you need and feel confident that everything is safe with our state-of-the-art security program.

If you’re ready to rent a unit now, make a reservation today, or contact us at 718-898-8000 with any questions you have about our long-term storage facilities.

Long-Term Storage Deserves Long-Term Guaranteed Rates

The most important reason to select Stop & Stor for your Long-Term storage needs is our unmatched Full Year Guaranteed Rate Lock. Most storage companies will offer dramatically discounted low-ball rates and other promotions just to get you to rent. Then after a few short months, they’ll raise your rent. A few months later, they’ll do it again, and again, and again. Be aware that storage rent can be increased any time, for any amount by every company to supposedly cover ever rising costs. Only Stop & Stor guarantees, in writing, that your monthly storage rate will not increase for at least one full year. If it does increase at all at the end of that full year due to operating expenses, the new quoted rate will then be guaranteed for the entire following year as well. Think of Stop & Stor for Long-Term Savings for Long-Term Self-Storage.

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