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How to Store a Lawn Mower or Snow Blower Properly

person mowing the lawn with a push mower

Lawn mowers and snow blowers help us navigate the changing seasons and maintain our yards and driveways during all types of weather. These are essential pieces of equipment for many New York City homeowners & landlords and are valuable assets for DIY enthusiasts who like to take care of their own properties. 

However, they are also large and bulky items that you might struggle to find room for when you’re not using them. Not only is storage space a challenge, but it is also important to figure out the best approach for how to store a lawn mower or snow blower so that it is protected from weather elements and will last a long time without needing repairs or upgrades. 

Here are some snow blower and lawn mower storage ideas from the storage experts at Stop & Stor, that will help  protect your equipment investments and ensure they are in good working condition when you need them most. 

In the Garage 

There are a couple of approaches to consider on how to store a lawn mower in the garage. Insulated garages are excellent for year-round storage for lawn mowers and snow blowers. You can prevent weather damage and rust by storing your equipment in the garage while keeping items locked away and safe from theft. 

However, garage storage may not be an option if your garage is very small, or filled with other items you’re storing, including your car. Yet perhaps you can still utilize a corner of a small garage under a low, slanted wall to maximize the space. 

snow covered garage

On a Wall-Mounted Storage Rack 

Another storage opportunity is to build a wall-mounted storage rack for your lawn mower or snow blower. Wall storage maximizes the vertical space of your garage or shed, but only certain models can be safely stored this way. Most mowers and blowers are too heavy to hang on a wall, but you can take this approach with a small electric model and custom-built shelving. 

Hung from Ceiling Hooks 

If you have a sturdy setup and a safe location, lightweight lawn care equipment can be hung from ceiling hooks. Although gas mowers should never be stored vertically for safety reasons, electric mowers can be hung in corners and along walls to save garage space. Of course lifting them up safely is quite another challenge. Make sure not to hang anything heavy over your vehicle or other items that could be damaged in the event of a fall.

In a Backyard Shed 

Many people have sheds on their property to store tools and garden materials. Sheds are good places to store mowers and blowers because they are easy to access from the lawn, driveway, and sidewalks. The best sheds for storing lawn mowers are built with waterproof materials and have locks to keep the contents safely contained inside. But large bulky items like mowers and snow blowers tend to get in the way inside a shed the rest of the year.

riding lawn mower

In Your Basement 

Everyone's basement is unique and used in different ways, but if there is space down there, and you have a ramp or easy access, consider your basement as a lawn mower storage option. These are effective storage areas because they typically maintain moderate temperatures and have linoleum or cement floors that won't cause damage mowers and blowers. However, if your basement risks flooding, prepare to remove your equipment promptly when extreme weather is forecasted prevent water damage. 

Under a Waterproof Tarp

Leaving your lawn mower or snow blower outside is not ideal, but as a last resort, at least cover the equipment with a waterproof tarp and tuck it under a roof or overhang. Also, elevate the equipment off the ground on a pallet for further protection.

In a Storage Unit 

If none of these ideas for how to store a lawn mower or snow blower will work for your living situation, Stop & Stor can help. We offer convenient and affordable storage units in various sizes and with climate-control features to give you peace of mind. 

Our units, ranging from 5' X 10' to 10' X 30', might be the perfect solution for storing your lawncare equipment during the off-season or if you only use it occasionally throughout the year. Browse storage locations near youcontact us via email, or give us a call at 718-698-8000 if you have any questions about how to store a lawn mower or snow blower safely with us. 

To-Dos Before You Store 

No matter how you decide to store your lawn mower or snow blower, it's important to perform some basic maintenance on the equipment before storing it for the season.

person snow blowing

Long-term lawn mower storage tips: 

  • Empty the gas tank 
  • Remove the blades
  • Remove the battery
  • Remove the spark plugs and install new ones
  • Drain the oil
  • Change the air filter 
  • Clean the undercarriage 
  • Keep it covered 

Long-term snow blower storage tips: 

  • Clean the exterior 
  • Change the oil 
  • Drain the fuel 
  • Lubricate moving parts
  • Replace worn-out parts
  • Disconnect the spark plug ignition 
  • Keep it covered

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